About this site

I make this blog on my free-time(which I don’t have much), so I’ll try to get as many as possible.

This blog will not have much words of Review or many pictures. My Review will not run into much detail, which means I’ll not recognize each scenes of a movie individually, and writes a 100 words review about that scene, my reviews are straight forward, with some good scene selection to analyzes a little bit, and I’ll rate the movie at a maximum of 10. For the Game Review section, it clearly stated, what I’m talking about, this will not be a popular category, probably 1 post a month, but the movie reviews, come regularly. Random post is just something I like to post that is out of topic, posts are posted without any pattern.

I have a bit of problem to starts with, so there will be a lot of grammar mistakes, and repeated paragraphs with first 6 or 7 reviews ( I was twelve). And I’m not Americans or British. English is my third language. I kind of retelling a story, but the whats all reviews does. (This is not an essay).  But after all of that it is good and fun to read.



Enjoy reading. Wishing you the best of luck, and thanks for reading.


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