Short Stories

The Town

The night has fallen, on this night alone people was suspecting unimaginable thing to happen, ghouls and screaming soul will return to the town and seek their revenge. The long lost story behind it was kept from travelers, and on this day, no one was supposed to stay in the town except the local people, but one of the tourists was sick and was forced to stay in the town.

A young man Larry Shine, approached the doctor clinic, with ten dollars in his hand, hoping to find some aspirin for his friend. As he step his foot in the door, the doctor was shock, and ask: “What are you still doing here!?” Larry replied: “What you mea… I… Never mind, I’m looking for aspirin for my friend, Marc he catches a cold.”The doctor fearfully replied: “It’s the ghouls, the…the…they want to take your friend, get out of town now!” Larry disbelievingly repel: “Ay! I’m not into this stupid kid story OK, my friend needs some aspirin and I want to give him some aspirin, you are a damn doctor, or at lease your exterior say so, in which cases, give me the white bottle at the back that say Aspirin, Jeez!” The doctor replied: “Ok! But I warned you!” The doctor reached behind him, opened the cabinet and gave Larry the bottle, it was ten dollars! Perfect fit! As soon as Larry stepped outside the shop, the doctor closed the door behind him forcefully, Larry got an uncomfortable feeling, but he kept walking back to the hotel. He had a strange chemistry in him as the people were looking at him, following every step he made, they mumbling, chattering, and blabbering on into each other ear, Larry rushed back in fear. He was stopped by an old lady, her hair was pure white, she had on a white silk dress, most of her teeth were gone, she looked up to him, grabbed his left arm and spoke: “Beware! Beware! Son! When the night falls, ghouls start to howl, so please bring out your claw, before they knocked your door” The women laugh devilishly, as she back up into her house whispering “Beware, Beware”. Larry ran back into his room, and locked the door, he back away slowly from the door, Marc sounded up “Hey! *cough*cough*! What is the problem”. Larry got scared, and turned around sharply breathing heavily: “Oh My God! Marc! You scare the crap out of me, Jeez! Oh My God, Phhew!”. Marc replied with a confuse tone: “Ooooh Kay! You got my pills”. Larry gave it to him and said: “Here!” Marc continued: “Hey! Tomorrow the town is gonna…”Larry stopped him in the middle and said: “Na! Na please! Don’t talk! I need some sleep.”Larry jump straight to the bed next to Marc, turned off the light and slept, Marc continued to read his book, drink a coffee mug, eventually he fell at as well after a couple of hours.



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