The Mist(2007)

Movie overview: Stephen King is one of my favorite author, I read mostly all of his books. So I’m not going to miss movies that are base on his books. Also this movie is direct by Frank Darabont, the famous director of The Green Mile, and Shawshank Redemption. I’ve watched both of these movie and they are really fantastic. So let see if The Mist is the same.

Plot overview:

A Tale of Terror by Stephen King, with a little dash of Sci-fi and Human Weakness.

Movie Review:

I’m not a big fan of Sci-fi myself, but this movie s great. I don’t like sci-fi because it is really fake without any real laws of science, but this movie is something else. Stephen King is the best of writing a novel that is scary, and also symbolical, from the Green Mile with Tom Hanks, and Michael Clark Duncan to this I think Frank Darabont deserve to be the best terror director of that year(2007). For people who read the book,it is the same plot and scenario with the book. For the people, who don’t read the book, the movie contain a lot of different mind set characters, there are calm, angry, religion freak, followers, leader… characters in one particular place, and that is just like a whole world in one place.   So at the first scene, straight away a problem occur, a storm break down the protagonist house. So the next day he go to the grocery store to get some foods, and the big problems occurs, before this epic scene came up, the movie already give clue of a big fog came down from a mountain, but it is nothing abnormal for a land near a mountain in America so it is not that scary. But too much fog cause suspicious, it follow all the way from the mountain and covered the whole town and the switching situation is delivered by a classic scene: “a man with blood on his face came in and say we’re in trouble”. So all the people who are in there are trap. When the night came the creatures started to rampage the place, that stuff, people usually called it “Climax” or “intense point”. So after that, the genius of the film or Stephen King’s book begins. The leader which is the main character, start to get push around by the strictness of society, which falsely leading by a fantasy believer, easy to understand, he got push around by the people in the store, because they listen to a religion freak. People get angry and started to do stupid things, then the false leader die and the whole party wear down( this is in a lot of great thriller story). So the protagonist get out of the place and run away. The last part is the killer, literally “killer”, it is so dramatic, ironic, and sad that you just want to suicide, see it to believe it. Still too much sci-fi, which is not my type, but it is just a wonderful movie.

MY RATE: 8.4


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